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Our options for 2 & 3 year olds




From September 2017 working parents may qualify to receive up to 30 hours free child care per week. At Martins Wood we are taking part in this new initiative. 


We have listened to the views of parents and this is what we are offering in the first instance:


  • Option A- 15 hours morning only session.
  • Option B- 15 hours afternoon only session.
  • Option C- 30 hours all day session

Option C will be 9am to 3.30pm each day, including lunch club (parents need to provide a packed lunch). This is six and a half hours each day which means that funding runs out on Friday. Parents will have the option to collect their children after lunch on Friday or pay for the final few hours if they want to collect their child at 3.30pm.


These are our core offers at present and there is scope to negotiate slightly different arrangements so long as it fits within this pattern.


Our next step is to consider how we can meet the needs of Saplings children who will qualify to receive the free 30 hours childcare after Christmas and gauge how we might stretch the offer in future so that our holiday club can be an option parents might choose.


You can check your eligibility for free childcare and find out more through the following links: (eligibility codes available here)  or  where you will also find details of another scheme which may benefit working parents whose children are not yet three. The school is also registered for this scheme which could mean that working families get a tax break on Saplings fees.