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Sports Premium

Sports Premium


What is it?

The Sports Premium is an additional grant to primary schools to help them promote participation and excellence in sporting pursuits.


How much do we get?

In the financial year April 2015 – April 2016 we received £10,163. We anticipate receiving a slightly higher sum in 2016 -2017 as the fund is driven by pupil numbers and these will continue to rise until the school is at capacity.


How can the grant be it used?

The grant can be used in any way that the school chooses which will help to increase participation levels in sport, access to a range of sports and excellence in sporting achievement.


What are the needs of children at Martins Wood?

Following a review of our performance in local tournaments and leagues we decided that we were not spending enough time and energy coaching the children for league matches and tournaments. As the largest primary school in the area we have a bigger pool of talent to choose from and logic would suggest that we should therefore be highly placed in all events.

We had made use of Sports Apprentices, funded in part through this grant, for a number of years. They had worked very successfully alongside teachers but we decided that employing a coach with a deeper knowledge and understanding of physical development and the coaching of tactics and strategies would enable our children to perform at their very best level.


How was the grant used in 2015/16?

From September 2015 we employed a full-time Sports Coach. The coach worked alongside teachers in lessons and led a wide range of extra-curricular activities.


What difference did our 2015/16 spending make?

The school was highly placed in all competitive events. Children had access to a wider range of sport and PE. The profile of PE was raised in the school and a Local Authority Review praised PE provision and the children’s attitude to PE as outstanding.


How will the grant be used in 2016/17?

The Sports Coach we employed in September 2015 enjoyed working with the children so much that he started teacher training in September 2016 and has had to leave us. As this proved to be such a successful way of using our Sports Premium we have decided to continue to use the grant to contribute to the salary of a coach in the coming year.