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Good attendance and punctuality are vital if a child is to make the best possible progress at school. Whilst an attendance rate of 90% might sound impressive it equates to having a half day off every week and so we look to our pupils having an attendance rate of 95% or better.


Each term we award certificates and stationery packs to our 100% attendees. At the end of the year any children who have a 100% score for the whole year receive a gold bar attendance badge.


To help maintain everyone's effort throughout the year we have an attendance trophy for the class with the highest weekly rate.


When it goes wrong there are a number of ways that we can help. Before it gets out of hand please talk to our family support worker to see if there is any way that we can help. It might be that attending breakfast club or using the walking bus are strategies that will help. It might be that on some days you need a bit of help yourself to get everything organised at the start of the day. Please talk to us.


Ultimately poor attendance can become a bigger problem. Our registers are reviewed each term by the Attendance Improvement Officer who may wish to meet with parents whose children have poor attendance. The school also operates the fixed penalty notice system which means that parents can be fined if their child does not attend school regularly.


All in all it's best to avoid the negatives and concentrate on helping as many children as possible to receive their certificates and maintain our very high levels of attendance as a school.


The most recent national data for attendance (2018/19) shows the school as having an attendance rate of 94.8%. In the academic years 2019/20 and 2020/2021 schools were required to close as part of the lockdown strategy to limit the progress of the Coronavirus. Consequently there is no corresponding data for these periods.