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Catch-up Premium

The Catch-up premium is a new grant which was announced by the government to enable schools to support children who may need to "catch-up" on learning which was lost in the first Covid-19 lockdown (March 2020).

It is awarded to all schools at a level of £80 per qualifying pupil. This means that the total available to Martins Wood Primary School in the current academic year will be approximately £48,000.


We know that our school will continue to gain financially in the coming year due to the shift towards the National Funding Formula and minimum funding guarantees and so we are taking this opportunity to use the catch-up funding to bring forward an exciting plan we have to create maximum flexibility to deliver support to the widest possible number of pupils.


In the past many catch-up strategies have used a teacher to deliver support to a small number of pupils. Such intervention strategies are expensive and whilst they can deliver impressive results for a small number of pupils there are many other pupils who might also benefit.


When we returned in September we shared out all of our Learning Support Assistants and Sports Coaches to make sure all classes had at least two members of staff, and sometimes three, all of the time. This has had a significant impact on supporting more vulnerable learners and our plans for the catch-up premium will ensure we can build on this.


We are recruiting additional Teaching Assistants and aim, as soon as possible, to have a full-time teaching assistant with every class. This will release our Higher Level Teaching Assistants to work with the whole year group across all three classes. They will plan and prepare with the teachers across a whole year group. Sometimes the HLTA may deliver the catch-up support but with children across all three classes. Sometimes one of the teachers might deliver the support whilst the HLTA delivers the lesson for the teacher's class. 


This will be a very flexible strategy, able to respond to the catch-up needs we have already identified and any gaps that might be identified at a later stage. We will set targets appropriate to each child and monitor their progress towards being back on track for their learning and achievement compared to national age-related standards.