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There are lots of Maths activities within Espresso  which can be found within the Home Learning section of our site.  There are games and activities within the Kids' Zone area too.


In addition, we hope the following documents, videos and links will be useful:

Celebrating Maths Project


The Celebrating Maths Project is a series of three short videos written to give parents a range of mathematical games and puzzles to play with their children.


The first video, for parents of children aged 4-5, gives ideas for finding maths in everyday situations. The second and third videos, for ages 6-7 and 8+, give strategy games that can be played with simple equipment and an active mind!

The Celebrating Maths Project Age 4-5

The Celebrating Maths Project Age 6-7

Celebrating Maths 8+



These resources are from "YouCubed", a Maths project led by Professor Jo Boaler and Stanford University.  They form the basis of much of our approach to mathematical teaching, including the "Week of Inspirational Maths" projects we begin our academic year with.  We hope you find them useful.