Our school is featured in the Parliamentary Review 2019. Follow the link from the Head's Welcome page to read the full report.
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Martins Wood Primary School

Home Page

Martins Wood Primary School

Our Staff




Leadership Team


Mr TW Evans (Headteacher)

Mr A Carless (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs S Hawkins (SENCo & Inclusion Manager)


Mrs J Mayne (EYFS Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs L Clark & Mrs L Kenealy (KS1 Assistant Headteachers)

Mr P Oliver (Lower KS2 Assistant Headteacher)

Mrs J Evens (Upper KS2 Assistant Headteacher)



Teaching Team




(PS, N & R)



(Y1 & Y2)

Lower KS2

(Y3 & Y4)

Upper KS2

(Y5 & Y6)


Mrs P Metcalfe

(Pre-School Leader)


Miss J Harris

(Nursery Teacher)


Mrs C Gwilliams

(RCG Teacher)


Miss F Ingram

(RFI Teacher)


Miss T Mansfield

(RTM Teacher)




Mrs A Abdul & Mrs P Arnold

(1A Teachers)


Miss L Earl

(1E Teacher)


Mrs D Houlihan

(1H Teacher)


Miss E Evanson

(2E Teacher)


Miss S Lea

(2L Teacher)


Mrs L Kenealy & Mrs C Lund

(2KL Teachers)


Mrs L Causebrook & Mrs J Hillyard

(3CH Teachers)


Mrs A Nicoll

(3N Teacher)


Miss S Rodrigues

(3R Teacher)


Mr P Oliver

(4P Teacher)


Mrs S Pomeroy

(4P Teacher)


Miss Z Rawlings

(4R Teacher)


Mrs A Jenkins

(Additional Y3/4 Teacher PT)


Mrs P Chapman

(5C Teacher)


Miss J Parkins

(5P Teacher)


Miss B Ward

(5W Teacher)


Miss J Rayner

(6JR Teacher)


Mr C Richmond

(6CR Teacher)


Mr M Wells

(6W Teacher)


Mrs H McCarthy

(Additional Y5/6 Teacher PT)





Office Team 

Mrs L Ford, Mrs S Home, Mrs L Lockyer-Smith, Mrs P Phillips & Mrs S Postance


Site Manager 

Mr M Power



Follow this link to see the names and roles of all our staff: