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Our Values & Ethos

We believe that Martins Wood Primary School is a very special place. Our enthusiastic staff all help to create an attractive and enriching learning environment with impressive facilities, within a well maintained building and spacious grounds. Alongside this we have also developed many policies to create an inclusive ethos and climate for learning that we are proud of. Visitors comment regularly on the happy, purposeful and professional atmosphere around the school. We aim to provide opportunities to enable every child to reach his or her full potential socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically; learning to be courteous, trustworthy and considerate and to value all races, religions and ways of life. The information below has been produced to help parents understand our policies for behaviour and attitudes to learning and the reasoning behind them.  We hope you find it useful.

Our Ethos, Values and Behaviour Policy explained:

At Martins Wood we ask children to remember to do three things:



“Be Safe” to us means everything we do to keep ourselves and others safe - both being safe and feeling safe.


“Be Kind” is all about behaving respectfully and thoughtfully, being friendly, considerate and polite.


“Keep Trying” means two things to us.  It’s about perseverance, determination and not giving up, but it’s also all about being open minded, taking a risk and trying something new.



We also encourage our children to develop the following Learning Behaviours, showing PRIDE in their learning:




Children are rewarded for showing these learning behaviours in and around the school by earning praise, house points and certificates.