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Martins Wood Primary School

Our Vision

Quite simply, our motto, “Inspiring an ambition to learn,” underpins everything we do here and what our vision for education is at Martins Wood.


We aim to inspire children in all kinds of ways. We aim to develop their ambition to strive for everything they want to achieve in their life, whether that be academic, sporting or artistic success. Above all, we aim to ensure that they will develop a life-long love of learning.


Today’s children are growing up in an ever changing and exciting world. They will often need to learn new skills as technologies develop and change. The most important skill for the future will be knowing how to learn- and being self-motivated and engaged to do so. That’s what we want to give our children. We want them to love learning and know how to learn. We want to inspire them to go on to great things; we want them to have ambition for their own learning and lifetime achievements.


We also ask children to remember to do three things:  Be Safe, Be Kind, Keep Trying.



Be Safe” to us means everything we do to keep ourselves and others safe - both being safe and feeling safe.


Be Kind” is all about behaving respectfully and thoughtfully, being friendly, considerate and polite.


Keep Trying” means two things to us.  It’s about perseverance, determination and not giving up, but it’s also all about being open minded, taking a risk and trying something new (such as a new author, after school club or activity). 



Overall our aims are:


  • to provide equality of access and opportunity to enable every child to reach his or her full potential socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically


  • to teach each child to be courteous, trustworthy and considerate, and to value and respect all races, religions and ways of life


  • to deliver the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum within a broad and balanced educational programme


  • to provide a welcoming, attractive, stimulating and secure learning environment


  • to help all children to enjoy and take a pride in their learning


  • to help every child to become increasingly able to work independently and co-operatively


  • to develop appropriate attitudes towards safety and good health


  • to value the contribution that parents make to their child’s learning and to develop a partnership to support all children


  • to support the professional development of staff