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All children are expected to wear uniform for school.



  • Royal blue sweat shirt/jumper/cardigan
  • Gold polo shirt
  • Fleeces (navy) for outdoor use only- optional



  • Plain navy trousers/joggers/skirts/shorts
  • Children may wish to wear navy pinafore dresses. Alternatively yellow/white or blue/white summer dresses may be worn.



  • Winter hats and summer caps are available from the office
  • These can be sourced elsewhere, but should be plain and in a school colour.


PE Kit

  • Indoor:   Navy shorts, gold tee-shirt and plimsolls
  • Outdoor:  Navy tracksuit or navy joggers and fleece/sweatshirt and trainers


Religious attire

  • Clothing worn for religious observance should be plain and preferably dark-coloured. Items must be compatible with the demands of the school day for example PE and playtimes. We are happy to discuss this with parents.



  • Hair should be worn in a tidy style. Parents are asked to avoid extreme fashion cuts for their children during term time. 
  • Long hair (ie shoulder length or below) should be tied back in school.



  • Children are not allowed to wear jewellery such as bracelets, necklaces and rings and we cannot accept responsibility for watches and other valuables brought into school.
  • When a child has pierced ears they may only wear studs for school and will need to know how to remove them for PE, including swimming. If ears have been recently pierced children will need to cover their earrings with sticky plaster, provided by home, for PE. In our view it is best to have ears pierced at the beginning of the summer holiday to avoid the need for sticky plasters and to give the child time to practise removing and replacing their earrings.



Sweatshirts, cardigans, polo shirts, fleeces and hats are all available from the school office. Some parents may wish to purchase cheaper alternatives elsewhere. Any item worn as part of the uniform should be plain and in school colours. If children transfer to us from other schools we do allow them to wear black or grey skirts or trousers in the short term but parents should ensure that children have navy skirts or trousers as soon as possible. Sports logos and stripes are not acceptable.


Please remember to label all your child’s uniform and to check this regularly as pen tends to wash out.